A Year in Furs

Call it winter blues, call it writer’s block, I have been been working less in the last month after the holidays than usual.  These moments of less activity kind of bum me out, but I think I am winding down from a crazypants year of hyper-activity! I have to remind myself what I have done because whenever I am feeling “lazy”, I mull over my past projects in my mind and go, “Oh!, right, I did that.”


That refers to my being cast as Ann Marie, Ashley Greene’s rival in the ABC pilot, Americana, using my own designs to portray a fashion designer. The pilot was sadly not picked up, but this was my first opportunity to be able to showcase my two loves, fashion and acting.

On Americana with my designs!

On Americana with my designs!


That refers to my first theater production with my old theater company, Homebrewed, back in April-May, which I served as stage manager & actor in.


That also refers to the completion of & performance of my first full length play, Crystal Atlas, at the end of May


That also refers to the completion of a one-act play, Yess, Texas, which I also made 9 costumes for (my Spring 2013 Collection) and performed with my new theater company as part of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend.




That also refers to the wood-nymph photoshoot I held with one of my best friends of said collection in the woods where I grew up.






That would also refer to the fact that I got cast as a featured wife of a warlord in one of my favorite director’s, Darren Aronofsky’s, newest film, Noah. I got to be a part of the amazing experience of this biblical times feature complete with mud, rain, and amazing sets galore.

Me on Noah

Me on Noah

 To be continued…


Pretty in Pink // Handmade one of a kind Picnic Dress

1970’s Purple Ruffle Dress

Royal Purple

Parisian Wrap Skirt // One of a Kind


Beautiful 1970’s Peplum Dress

and more in the shop




I AM FINALLY after six years of insane crazytown apartments/roommates/neighborhoods in SEVEN different apartments in NYC, am moving into my very own studio apartment!

YAY!!!!! With that said, I have a lot of purging to do to fit comfortably.

FREE SHIPPING in my ETSY SHOP, lots of sale items, newly listed and reconstructed vintage garments, and a whole slew of sewing stuff going up for sale on Craigslist.
Here’s a nice tune for Monday morning.

I Want Boots!

Some bitchin’ boots, yo.

The vintage scene, as I am sure you know, has really quadrupled in the past eight or so years. One of my regrets in life is not buying it up before it’s price tag become like antique furniture. I went to college in upstate NY and am from Pennsylvania AND often went on family vacations either up north in New Hampshire or Maine or down South in South Carolina or Tennessee. Why in the hell did I not buy it up? Stock up? Shit. I’ve been a vintage whore since I was probably 14 and used to adore California for the same loves– vintage cars, vintage furniture, and good old-fashioned vintage frocks!

Man, I used to daydream about moving to Cali and driving my 1965 Mustang Fastback to and fro furniture shops, fillling my 1930’s bungalow with treasures. I used to fill my last college house with some really fantastic vintage finds as well. I wish I still had some pictures. Actually, let me dig:

a-ha! Found some, thanks Facebook!

A vintage find that inspired a painting

My Last Apartment in Upstate NY's Living Room

Feigned Discomfort at a College Party in Vintage Pinks & Earrings

The Only Time I've Lived Alone: My Sitting Room With Vintage Finds

A Crazy Outfit, But Probably Cost $10

My College Bedroom, Somewhat Homeless-Looking, But Hey! It Was College!

Over-the-top, yet Vintage

Anyway, I miss the days of finding really stellar stuff for super cheap.  Nowadays, trying to find some sweet vintage boots online becomes a search for a bargain over the ones we really want. I always seem to find exactly the pair and then see that they are $148.00 Yikes. I totally understand why vintage is worth a lot and I am glad that people respect and care for old threads and shoes, yet sometimes people take advantage. On Etsy, I spent about 30 minutes this morning looking for a nice pair of vintage size 10 boots in any shape that strikes my fancy. I found over 30 pages worth and a lot of these boots were questionably vintage, in terrible shape, or waaay too overpriced ($115.00 for boots without a brand and without clear pics???) Yikes.  Anyway, yeah, I miss the days of being the weirdo amongst weirdo friends who wore vintage when everybody else shopped at Abercrombie in college.  BUT! It’s also amazing that people do now value vintage and antiques so much. Let’s use the quality items we’ve got already here on earth instead of producing IKEA IKEA IKEA and other junk that is constantly filling our landfills. UGH nothing pains me more than shit production than seeing beautiful, slightly bruised antiques in the trash. LET’S USE WHAT WE’VE GOT AND RESPECT IT!

Fun Times

I am extremely grateful…this week has been otherworldly and wonderful and I don’t think I can thank the Gods enough.

Monday was my fifth day on the set of the new Coen Brothers movie and it was just such a pleasure. The sets, the costumes, the people, it was magical and mystical and we had a singalong with Justin Timberlake, one of the stars.

I spent most of the 14-16 hours per day laughing my head off with the new friends I met on set and managed to take a couple of photos too.

A small group shot

A Little Candid

New headshot!

Thank you, universe for an amazing week or so.  Love, Desira.