Me Amo Rock n’ Roll

It’s my first day off in three weeks and I am going to take full advantage! I submitted to my bed last night at 9:45 and awoke at 10:20am, recalling dreams about new apartments, riding on waterslides with dolphins, and parties with friends. Oh brain!

I also realized this morning that I have tomorrow and Friday off too, so rather than dig myself an early grave and continue doing work, I’m going to the woods! I’m hopping on a bus to my parents house and I can’t wait to play with our dog and watch movies and run through the woods at 100mph, falling in holes and climbing trees…. if my weary body can handle that.

So I teach sewing lessons at this great play in Chelsea in Manhattan and I had a two hour break in between classes yesterday and decided to go to the gym. It had been a little while and I was tired, but I thought, oh man, energy’s a comin’! After running and cycling, I felt worse. My body was like, okay girl, this is it! When I got back to the sewing studio to teach, I decided to tell my students that English was my second language because I was making no sense. I kept using grammatical endings incorrectly. I was dog tired. The gym was not my savior.

I had a really erratic sleeping schedule these last few weeks, having to be at some jobs on set at 6am and then having to work at other jobs til 1am, this created a wonderful dose of insomnia, my body confused as to when it should wake up.  Last night I caught up! Sleep has always been a thing of mystery for me. It sometimes escapes me for multiple nights of lying in bed for 9 hours with no dozing. I aim to create rhythm and repetition in my schedule to doctor this. Sleep is important, man!

On a happy and healthy note, I have been writing a new play and it’s been really fun.  I have been doing a lot of research to develop the characters by watching a lot of rock n’ roll documentaries and I cannot wait to perform it for my theatre company soon.

On that note, we are having a show at the end of this month in NYC for five consecutive weeks!! Here are the deets and the new promo video we filmed two weeks ago: Me amo rock n’ roll and me amo acting/theater/my company!