“There are all sorts of reasons why scandalousness has been feminized.  At this point in history almost nobody is surprised by anything a man will do in the bedroom.  Sure, men still get involved in sex scandals, but we only pretend to be shocked, shocked that powerful men are womanizers.  The scandal isn’t the sex… Women’s bodies remain a psychic and cultural battleground.   People argue ferociously about starved-looking models and grow literally murderous over reproduction, whether it involves the Octomom or doctors who perform legal abortions….

Colette (born Sidonie Gabrielle Claudine Colette in the provincial Burgundy of 1873) lived a life so willful and unconventional that it makes Madonna’s seem positively suburban (and I’m not forgetting Madge’s adoptions).  In her 81 years, this self-described “mental hermaphrodite” married philanderers and exploiters, carried on numerous love affairs with both men and women, even becoming the consort of a famed lesbian transvestite, the Marquise de Belbeuf.”

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