A Jacket/Pants Sketch for a look in the movie

A Jacket/Pants Sketch for a look in the movie


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OK, it’s freak out time. Just six days left to raise $1350 of our goal for our film on Kickstarter. People have already so generously donated $4650 and if we don’t meet the rest, we get none of it! PLEASE HELP! It’s going to be an awesome movie and $25 gets you a credit in the film. We have been working so hard. Check out the latest costume I finished just yesterday.

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Fun Times

I am extremely grateful…this week has been otherworldly and wonderful and I don’t think I can thank the Gods enough.

Monday was my fifth day on the set of the new Coen Brothers movie and it was just such a pleasure. The sets, the costumes, the people, it was magical and mystical and we had a singalong with Justin Timberlake, one of the stars.

I spent most of the 14-16 hours per day laughing my head off with the new friends I met on set and managed to take a couple of photos too.

A small group shot

A Little Candid

New headshot!

Thank you, universe for an amazing week or so.  Love, Desira.

Yeah Yeah Yeah

It’s 5am on Monday and I have my hair in rollers and am off to a film set for the new Coen Brothers’ movie. HOLY COW!

I hadn’t put my hair in rollers since like 5th grade.

Can’t wait to share my outfits complete with girdle and Madonna bra!

Here’re some new looks for my Sophie Belt in green:

I also made the dress for myself on Friday ;o)