.:. Red Pearl Movie NEWS .:.


So Red Pearl, you know the indelible indie feature film I acted in and did the costume design for this past summer, well the rough cut has been sent into the SXSW Tribeca Film Festivals for review! Fingers crossed it makes it into either or both of these awesome festivals! EEEEEK!

<—Here is the postcard image the directors sent out to the Kickstarter funders.

The film is currently picture locked and awaiting it’s finishing touches, such as the sound lock, amazing custom score from my friend and fellow Syracuse University graduate, Steve Woodzell, whose work is really exciting and so having him onboard is an extraordinary thing ;D The film should be finished by summer 2015 at the latest. In the meantime, please check out the website and here are some stillz.

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Easy Peazy

I started making these pouches a few months ago for myself and have decided to start offering to the good people of Etsy. Fun and bold patterns on Michael Miller oil cloth for just $10.  A nice big size too.

Polka Dots

Pink & Pretty

Keys in Cream


e t s y   s h o p 

Con Te Partiro // SAMPLE SALE!

It’s time to say goodbye to some of my remaining design samples to make way for NEWBIES! With that, I give you a couple of designs that have definitely gotten some attention and now deserve a great new home…


Sybille Shapes Tunic (Click on photo for shop)

Tweed Wool Cutout Vest (click on photo to shop)

Astrid Skirt (click on photo to shop)

Men's Herringbone Sweater w/ Integral Scarf (click on photo to shop)

Little Gray Dress (click on photo to shop)

Three Color Drape Top (click on photo to shop)

Free-Fallin’ just came on shuffle.  What a nice day we had today.  75 degrees in NYC!! Global warming, man! I tried to play basketball, but all of the youths of the neighborhood invaded the courts. Oh well. Maybe when they’re off at school on Monday.

Any of these designs can be slightly altered to accommodate a size smaller, if need be.  Okay.  ;o) Time to get back to my taxes.


To see the whole sample sale, go here !

Hitting Multiple Birds

I haven’t had a day off in THREE WEEKS, but that isn’t stopping me.  I have eleven orders to make tonight and I have a big audition on Saturday, so I am making myself something sweet and new to wear.  I often start with an idea and then see where my fabric and sewing takes me, so I am starting with this idea:

A rough idea

Forgive the horrible drawing.  It’s going to have a Peter Pan collar (my fav), a peplum, high waist and sleevelessness.

I’ll post the finished product. Wish me luck.

xo Desira

Beltie Belts & Ryan Gosling

I can’t stop my hands from moving and creating most days and here is the little of family of belts I have dreamed up.  A few more new designs are going to be joining them soon once I get to photographing. I don’t know why I am writing like an old Southern woman talks today, but it’s Friday, whateva.

A whole slew!

ALSOOOOOOO I’ve been working on this idea for a really long time and finally, in time for Valentine’s Day, Ryan G can be yours.

Yeah!!!!!!! I’m making nice V-day cards with this drawing today and they’ll be in my Etsy Shop by the weekend in time for sending out one or twelve to your Valentines.  xooxo

HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY! (Where did the week go?????)


I Braved 40 Degree Temps For These Pics

…but it was worth it!  Le bon temps for great new belts. Ava & Brigitte join Sophie in my shop.

Some newbies I made today using ecofriendly deadstock vintage elastic salvaged from a Brooklyn belt factory that closed.

Boudoir Corset style in brown and purple and beige and black…

Brigitte Corset Belt

Ava Corset Belt

Au Revoir!


I lived in Italy from 2004-2005 and I’ve been missing it so much this weekend. Sometimes I know that I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time and should have been this age in the 60s and 70s and in Europe. The visuals I get sometimes in my head of experiences Ive had there or experiences I dream up are so real. I can taste, touch, and feel things like a movie. I’m sure you kind of know what I mean. Maybe not.

I want to ride trains across landscapes and taste foods that are heirloom, coffee that’s been made the same way for 75 years, sweaters that were built to last, laughs that don’t have hidden agendas, air that’s been breathed by people building aqueducts and creating masterpieces.

I want design that is timeless, buildings that were planned and executed with grace; where they avoided temporal grandeur of the ego of the architect for foresight of what will continue to be beautiful.

Things are different in Europe. These movies play in my head, I’ve always escaped to somewhere else my whole life, yet at least I’ve pinpointed a latitude and longitude. America gets so draining sometimes. New York is…. Exhaustive. I never felt tired there, no matter how much I was. You have to filter New York streets sometimes to siphon away the jerks + the mistakes for the beautiful things, yet in Europe, they’re all out for the taking.