Featured, yeah!

My hickory leather & floral floppy hat was featured on this awesome blog yesterday and am happy to be amongst other great Etsyians and designers.  Many thanks to those at MayDae for the their recognition.  😉

Desira Pesta on Maydae

Desira Pesta's Hickory & Floral Floppy Hat

Desira Pesta's Hickory & Floral Floppy Hat

Hickory & Floral Floppy Hat

Hickory & Floral Floppy Hat

The interior is lined with beautiful designer surplus floral silk in purple:

Desira Pesta's Hickory & Floral Floppy Hat

Interior of Hat


Thank you!!!


Cranial Style

Want the handmade made in NYC version of this style staple?

Diane Keaton's Coveted Style

Look no further!  Floppy Hats by Desira Pesta

handmade by yours truly of felted wool in NYC

A Small Taste of Spring…

Spring 2010 is about to launch, but here’s just a teaser.

I held a hatmaking workshop at Etsy Labs two weeks ago and continuing the soon-to-be floppy hat craze I know is coming, I am now offering my design on Etsy!

More to come!  SO MANY THANKS TO:

Julien Leyssene, who dedicated countless hours to helping me put together my Fall 2010 show and make all of the jewelry and props for the shoot.

Heather Pfister, the photographer, who never stopped clicking for seven hours

Jennifer Mineo, the delightful and gorgeous model, who moonlights as a museum curator

Samantha Figueroa, the incendiary makeup artist, who even worked in the dark

Bethany Clark, the super intern-cum-model who I couldn’t do this without’