Hitting Multiple Birds

I haven’t had a day off in THREE WEEKS, but that isn’t stopping me.  I have eleven orders to make tonight and I have a big audition on Saturday, so I am making myself something sweet and new to wear.  I often start with an idea and then see where my fabric and sewing takes me, so I am starting with this idea:

A rough idea

Forgive the horrible drawing.  It’s going to have a Peter Pan collar (my fav), a peplum, high waist and sleevelessness.

I’ll post the finished product. Wish me luck.

xo Desira



Some great vintage in the shop

1960s Polka Dot Mod Mini Dress  // size 6 // $45

1970s Mod White A-Line Dress with Detailing // Size 6 // $39 on Etsy

And lots more here !


Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down… Well It’s Both

Long weekend full of work despite it being week’s end. I’m exhausted! Even still, I am happy to be on set of Law & Order SVU in my third installment as
Court room sketch artist. I actually did my best court room drawing on Friday and wish I could share it, but can’t! (til after the episode airs)
I really like working on this show. Everyone is really nice and zany AND in September, they had me audition for a principal role! (it was between me and another lady and she got it, but sheesh, so awesome to be in that room!) Anyway, great peeps.

I’m incredibly overwhelmed by how much great work is out there right now, be it television, books, films, plays, gallery shows…

There are SO MANY movies I desperately want to see, but that gets so freaking expensive. In no particular order, they are:

Martha Marcy May Marlene
The Artist
The Skin I Live In
Ides of March
We Need to Talk About Kevin (missed a chance to see it and Tilda Swinton talk last week because of a play i performed :(::::; )
….like 60 others.

I got free tickets to The Artist in December. Woohoo!

Speaking of theater, my theater company’s Los Angeles chapter, 68 Cent Crew Theater Company, just opened a show this weekend… link!


If you’re in LA, go check it out. Theyre one of the top theaters in LA and are full of some really talented people. James Franco is going to guest direct soon!

Have a great day!

Xo d


The MY in Economy

I just realized something, I have been blaming myself and turning my anger about the shitty economy inward.  In the last two years or so since countless jobs have been lost and wallets have gotten beyond tight and open only for necessities, I’ve allowed this all to take a toll on my ego.  Etsy and private sales and wholesale accounts, which were my all-consuming sole source of income just two years ago when I had a magnificent studio overlooking the ocean in Red Hook, Brooklyn, have become a distant drone of crickets in the present.   Although I have branched out and focused my energies on acting as well in those two years, I also can’t help but point out that even a year ago, my studio was my constant companion.  While watching an interview on CNN about Occupy Wall Street, it dawned on me, I have been covertly hating and blaming myself for my decline in sales.  As an artist and fashion designer, when you sell your creations, you get a great sense of pride and self-worth from these sales.  In the last six years, I identified myself as a fashion designer and my clothing and accessories were my prides and joys.  They defined my income, brought me praise and appreciation and named who I was in the grand scheme of life.

Just like any job (in a good economy), there is a direct connection between profitability (in m case enough to pay bills) and ego. When that profit or sales is slight, the ego suffers.  I seriously have been beating myself up over the last year thinking no one likes my designs anymore or enough to buy them, yet when I look at the state of the economy, the trillion more sellers who now inundate Etsy’s pages/blogosphere, AND the number of people who call my designs favorites or the inquiries I get, I find that that’s just not true.  I swear, I just put two and two together.  I know that there are some other factors in here and I should spruce up my shop, but I hope that I can breathe a little easier today knowing that it isn’t me, we need to keep on trucking, supporting Occupy Wall Street, small businesses, independent designers, and each other.

Now is a good incubation period for my design ideas and I have been dreaming up a whole bunch of houseware ideas (my first love, decorating, has been calling out to me lately).  Thankfully I have been able to do a bunch of acting, freelance sewing gigs and restaurant work in the last year to supplement the gabillion dollars it takes to live in NYC.

I hope that things improve soon, but if they don’t, at least I know it’s not me.  It’s also not my friend R, who can’t find paid work, K, who is a brilliant geographer, but is working at a shop and who hasn’t even been getting rejection letters from potential employers, businesses that have been shuttered, nor is it any of us who are not on Wall Street or any place near it.

Hunting Like a Lion for a Pair of Pants…

The post before this one mentions some amazing tangerine pants from the recently released film, I Am Love, and I found them in my size on Ebay for $15!!!!!!!

They’re Jil Stuart and I am praying that I look as good in them as Tilda did.  I was searching for them prior to finding them on Ebay and she even mentions them as her favorite thing from her costumes.  Ha!


I saw I AM LOVE last week and it was incredible.  At times, the plot was slow-paced and pregnant with impending drama, yet overall it was gorgeously shot, retro in set design, with stylized timelessness and visuals, and was all-together immensely beautiful.  I loved the relationships that Tilda Swinton’s character had with each of her family members and then with her lover.

I LOVED the colorblocked emsembles of Fendi and Jil Sander’s costume design (especially the tangerine cigarette pants ahhh!!!)

The ending was probably the best ending I have ever seen.  

In the last three minutes, the suspenseful music screeched and undulated begging for action from the main character. As she decided what her fate would be…. does she leave her family for love, or does she carry out her duties as a mother and wife , the music grew louder and more robust screaming, “give me your answer!!”, as if nature was taking the room.

I love I Am Love