belt CINTURON ceinture CINTURA


New Belts! From ecofriendly materials!

I’ve been busy making new designs from all of the ecofriendly deadstock vintage elastic I have… Here there are, available for customization on Etsy… ;o)  HAPPY FRIDAY!

A New Look for One of My Most Popular

I Named This One After My Dog, Zoe


I Braved 40 Degree Temps For These Pics

…but it was worth it!  Le bon temps for great new belts. Ava & Brigitte join Sophie in my shop.

Some newbies I made today using ecofriendly deadstock vintage elastic salvaged from a Brooklyn belt factory that closed.

Boudoir Corset style in brown and purple and beige and black…

Brigitte Corset Belt

Ava Corset Belt

Au Revoir!