Let’s Do a Makeover!

I love makeup.  I love Sephora. I love costumes and characters and transformations and and and… it’s so fun! The above photos are shots of my friends and fellow actors of the John Doe Theatre Company on the day of my fashion show play on September 15th. The looks were created by makeup artists Talysha Hazelton & Dallas Williams and the hair was designed by Mariza Rodriguez.

I don’t know if most of humanity realizes to what extent makeup utterly transforms a normal girl into a Hollywood starlet. Sure, great bone structure and gorgeous lips help, as do great skin, a facial and face massage, but really it’s more magical than that. Not every famous person being photographed on the red carpet, in a magazine, or in a movie is a natural born looks killer. Makeup is key, essential, vital, and metamorphic. Everyone can look that good.

Having been involved more and more in the entertainment industry for the last four years and seeing it firsthand, I don’t know that people truly realize how drastically people are “made over”.  Hollywood stars get their legs and arms and every ounce of skin exposed covered in body makeup to mask any veins, moles, discoloration, what have you. (I was shocked yet relieved when a veteran makeup artist told me this). Makeup takes and propels natural beauty in small ways and ungodly ways and I always wish that women who don’t think much of their looks would realize that.


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