Hot Tin Roof

It’s summer, it’s time for watermelon, ice cream trucks, sweating, and good vibes… and sweating.  Today was one of the hottest days we have had here in NYC in a long while and I spent it from 5am-3pm working on my seventh day as prostitute on Boardwalk Empire in the 96 degree heat.

My Father Said I Look Exactly Like My Grandmother Here

Le Legs

We thankfully had a wonderful air-conditioned set with Al Capone, boobies, cigarettes, and loose women, but I biked home at 3pm in full makeup and hair, mini shorts, a tank top and combat boots.  I got some stares from the local Bed Stuy residents, but made it in one sweaty and slimy piece.

2 Hours of Sleep, Man!!

I actually enjoy extreme heat and sweating.  My parents used to think I was insane in high school, when I would take off to Lake Scranton to run around the lake on the hottest days.  There is something so alleviating and releasing about sweating immensely as long as there is nearby shower use afterwards. I stopped by Home Depot after awaking from a nap and almost everybody was buying an air conditioner.  One man had SIX fans in his cart.  NYC is unbearable in the summer sometimes between the constant closeness of people and the concrete everywhere. I rigged up my air conditioner to work and although it’s precarious and I dropped some books out of my window while trying to put it in, it’s cooling off my living room where I sit presently.




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