You Never Heeded It

Once upon a time, there was music, true music, involving unadulterated singing, heart-beating drums, carnal sounds, and live live live performances often involving drugs.  These performances were real, they were raw, and they were utterly beautiful, a testament to a time when there was plenty of bad shit going on, but people had to make themselves forget or deal somehow.  Music was mystique, a getaway, a haven, a cabin away from the horrors of war, racism, and degradation of the overzealous human spirit as the 50’s had known it.  The late 60’s and early 70’s produced sounds that swirled with emotion, tempests of instruments and voices, churning out voices of the past, present, and futures of that time. My favorite music of all time is that of the late 1960’s: The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, 13th Floor Elevators, Carmen Maki, Deep Purple, Creedence, Cocker, and onto the 70’s, if there was long hair and fringe, I’m in love.

Once upon a time, there was awesome fucking psychedelic rock that makes me feel like once music was carnal, musicians were entranced, and it wasn’t all about money: FREE MUSIC! FREE LOVE!

I grew up with this stuff and am a lucky girl to have had a dad so well-versed in rock.  I’m not trying to be pretentious but I cannot stomach what comes on the radio these days.


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