Sometimes it bugs me how I often make really brightly colored clothing and good, and yet I don’t always wear these things myself.  Also, when it comes to home design, I have always been a disciple of a Martha Stewart aesthetic.  I wrote the woman a letter at 11 years old professing my adoration of her for godsake. With that said, I was just perusing the woman’s website, as I do often, and found this:

Martha's Take

Now, for the last four years, I have held up the same design in my three apartments I have lived in and here is the present:

My Room!

So, yeah, we’re totally on the same page. I love lawn prints and pretty things to surround me in my home, be it pillows, duvet covers, or eucalyptus arrangements, so I want to do the same for my Etsy Shop. I want to keep up the aesthetic I have, but also include dainty home design items and dainty accessories as well. I’m a 1920’s and 30’s architecture girl, as well as a Rococo, Art Nouveau, Eastern textiles, swirly nature-loving person. I do really appreciate modern design and sleek clean lines and this kind of design, but I feel coziest in cozy places.

Love this Room with pops of bright color!


Even mobile cozy!  Alright, now I am so excited thinking about pillows, that I am going to go to my studio and make some. New designs coming soon!  Happy Weekend!!!

xo Desira


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