Con Te Partiro // SAMPLE SALE!

It’s time to say goodbye to some of my remaining design samples to make way for NEWBIES! With that, I give you a couple of designs that have definitely gotten some attention and now deserve a great new home…


Sybille Shapes Tunic (Click on photo for shop)

Tweed Wool Cutout Vest (click on photo to shop)

Astrid Skirt (click on photo to shop)

Men's Herringbone Sweater w/ Integral Scarf (click on photo to shop)

Little Gray Dress (click on photo to shop)

Three Color Drape Top (click on photo to shop)

Free-Fallin’ just came on shuffle.  What a nice day we had today.  75 degrees in NYC!! Global warming, man! I tried to play basketball, but all of the youths of the neighborhood invaded the courts. Oh well. Maybe when they’re off at school on Monday.

Any of these designs can be slightly altered to accommodate a size smaller, if need be.  Okay.  ;o) Time to get back to my taxes.


To see the whole sample sale, go here !


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