Nutty Dreams

This morning my alarm went off and finished my nutty dream.  It was the nuttiest one I’ve had in a while and I must say that I wish I could synopsize all of the details.  I can draw it probably, but then I will be late for work!

I had a dream that I was riding a motorcycle really really fast up an endless escalating parking garage ramp for an hour and then wound up at a garage guest house where my friends Tygar & Delaney lived. Tygar greeted me into the kitchen and I kept trying to leave because I thought she didn’t want me there. Then I wandered into Delaney’s bedroom, which was “the big bedroom” and the size of a Kmart. To the right, she had at least ten giant ornate antique wooden beds in strange shapes (one was triangular and reminiscent of the Addams Family.  She also had brass beds to the far right and I commented on the fact that I always wanted one, which I do.  Delaney also had tons of grand giant furniture & she said that she had had to buy a dumptruck to get all this furniture from PA. I thought to myself, oh she’s a furniture conneisseur.  I followed her over to the left where there was a loft above us and a tight space below. She started smoking a cigarette and I turned to look at what was beyond the loft and saw a giant projector screen, which was screening a video on bugs atop very very green vegetation.

The weird thing is that I can pinpoint exactly what in my day yesterday spawned this dream.  For instance, after work, I passed a garden supply store, which had green green grass and plants. I also went to my friend’s house for the first time and he has very large grand antique wooden furniture. I also saw Tygar last night and walked home with her.  Before I fell asleep last night, I thought about how I should make a fabric covered faux headboard for my bed, and lastly, I saw an amazing motorcycle two days ago and almost wanted to get on it.

It’s so incredible how the brain then creates a map between these things and thus, a story. High five, brain! I was thoroughly entertained.


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