50-Freaking Six Degrees

It is fifty freaking six degrees in New York today and I took a walk during my work break. There is a HUGE American Apparel wholesale sale down the street so I finally went in to see how marked down everything actually is… I got kind of sickened by how much stuff was in there. Like 6,000 sq. ft. of neons and meshes and sweatshirts. I wound up being able to find some underwear that might fit me in seas of XLs everywhere for $1/pair?!?!? Woah.

There were a lot of good prices, but I almost never buy new clothes. (always vintage or gently used from thrift shops) I also paid and left and then got immediately mad at myself. I have so much stuff. I don’t need more, but everybody needs underwear, right? Even still, within ten minutes of buying undies and a long sleeve tee, I vowed that I would only make my own clothes or alter what I have from now on for a while.
I’m a vintage whore and I have enough to wear a different outfit everyday for six months. The end. Its beautiful outside though and being a nerd, I found a seat in an outdoor park with a giant screen showing a movie about marine life and promptly planted my ass down.

I LOVE Planet Earth and watching sea creatures do their thang…

Off to teach a sewing class! Happy Tuesday! It feels like Monday !





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