I grew up in the woods.

And I moved to the city so when it snows here, I first get very very excited like any kid at heart and then in the rapid succession of minutes afterwards, the snow turns to grey slush and then disappears with the salt trucks that come barreling through the urban streets. This leaves us all barely enough time to finish our morning coffee before the ability to sled has become nil for anyone living near modern roadways. On Sunday, I awoke, stretched, and had a feeling.
I had a feeling that it had snowed and boy was I right. I threw open the blinds that obscure my nearby neighbors from spying on me and beheld a glorious site: SNOW SNOW SNOW!


I had lots to do, oh boy, but I could not and would not wait until the sun went down to go outside. No one was around so i went out alone. I live on the edge of Brooklyn where it meets Queens and walked towered Queens where I knew there would be more of a suburban feel and thus more snow to traverse. I walked with no goal in mind and everything is obscured when it’s covered in snow anyway. I passed a McDonalds and a Dairy Queen and kept walking. As I approached a very high hill, I saw a huge scary building up ahead and decided to check it out.


That scary building turned out to be a “crematory”, where they cremate people. AUGH!!!



Scary! This building was right across from a massive cemetery and to be honest I really enjoy going to cemeteries in the city no matter how weird that may seem because it’s the closest thing to woods i can find without spending an hour on the train to get to Central Park or Prospect Park. Sigh. I wound up walking four miles that day. I went really far out coming upon a giant mall with a BJ’s. I love walking long distances and do it often. That must have been why it wasn’t ok for me to live in LA. You really can’t walk there. It’s dangerous. I did though and I got stared at and honked at and overall it was mildly unpleasant because when no one else walks, it’s no fun. I don’t know where I was going with the post other than sharing my weird and long and nice walk in the snow and also that frankly I miss the suburbs sometimes.


Saw some cool stuff though:



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