Extra Extra Read All About It!

I’m totally going to write a huge post on the SAG Awards and Oscars and nominees and my favorite movies of the year and who I think should win and all that tomorrow.  Right now, because I am in my bed in pajamas at 8pm with some popcorn and chamomile after a long cold day and really just want to watch one of the 900 movies  I need to watch in order to appropriately vote for the SAG Awards, I’ll say this… I am SO glad that The Tree of Lifehas been nominated for best picture.  I was scared that they were going to leave it out of the mix.  I am also going to say that although I really like and admire Michelle Williams and the other actresses nominated for Best Actress Oscars, although I haven’t seen Albert Nobbs yet, I really want Viola Davis to win.

Okay, I said enough.  Right now I am going to share the new belts I made yesterday and photographed today!!

and in green and purple!

A Whole Gang!


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