It’s Midnight Soon

You know one of those days that is like 18 hours long and you can’t remember if this morning was indeed this morning?

That was today.  Now, it is over and I am drinking wine and eating popcorn and clipping coupons from Whole Foods, grandma style. It was a good day and yet I am glad it is over.  I worked on the tv show, Smash!, for the fourth time and was 3′ from Anjelica Huston, who is amazing and has amazed me since The Witches, The Addams Family, Buffalo ’66, Royal Tennenbaums, and Alexander Calder’s jewelry model and others that I have forgotten to name in my tired stupor. YAY!

This is a good ending song to the day and it’s playing on shuffle right now anyway:

Oh man, I want to go on a trip soon. I like traveling too much to be sedentary. I guess I can always watch Planet Earth…

Godspeed, goodnight, Gute Nacht


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