Silent Era No More

Things are looking up for ole Desira.

My dedication to acting has started to really pay off and I am getting excited!! For the last two years, I have been taking a variety of classes, workshops, improv, intensive programs, casting director meet and greets, seminars, informational meetings, auditions, & have been part of films, tv shows, commercials, print ads, a theater company, and life.  This summer I spent 2 months in Los Angeles, where I enrolled in the SAG Conservatory Intensive Summer Workshop Series, which was about 40 hours of auditions, cold readings, improv, industry Q & A’s, seminars, and classes.  I also was thankfully selected among a 100 applicants to participate in 13-one on one meetings with LA Casting Directors as part of the SAG LGBT Seminar this summer.  A week afterwards, I took part in the Deena Levy Theatre Studio Weekend Intensive, a life-changing event… In October I worked as the costume designer on the independent feature, Yaatra, shot in NYC.  I have been going at this nearly full-throttle.  The next step is getting an agent and really getting to work!

With that said, I had scheduled an audition at One on One for the end of November and then decided to reschedule it for after December 1st, to really allow myself time to work on the two contemporary monologues they requested for the audition.  I had one picked and down and was practicing it like crazy, but couldn’t find another that suited me or excited me.  One of my theater company buddies and I had talked about both setting up auditions at One on One to motivate each other, but he wound up going in several weeks before me.  When I told him that I had finally set up my audition time, he implored me to wait, to work my butt off on the monologues with critique because it was much harder to get in that he thought.  He had not gotten in, but was well-liked by the casting director and told to come in again soon.  Said friend was worried about my sake and said that they were only admitting 30% of those who auditioned and I really needed to be at the top of my game.  Two days before the event, I was wavering.  Friend had made me nervous.  The next day, I called to ask about their cancellation policy.  I didn’t get a hold of anyone, so I waited.  Then, something hit me and made me decide to say, “No, I am ready.” I decided to throw myself into the monologues, practicing like a zealot, adjusting, altering, and finessing my delivery the night prior.  I also set about really developing these characters for myself.  I created their stories, their backgrounds, where they lived, who their familes were, what kind of demeanors they had.  I wrote and wrote, making the monologues’ words on a page, my own. I didn’t sleep as well as I had hoped that night, but I woke up ready.  The day’s rain thrashed against my house and made for uninviting exteriors to venture out to.

I decided on a vintage 1960’s dress for myself to wear.  The two monologues I had selected were very different in period, environment, and character, but it’s best to wear something flattering. My busted umbrella hardly fought off the rain, but I made my way to the offices, furthering the stories of my characters on the walk, the subway, and in the waiting room.  I don’t know what brings this on, but lately, I have become very able to feel alien in my environment and disengage myself from myself and my surroundings.  I psyched myself out in the waiting room, becoming the livid woman I needed to be for the first monologue.  I wrote out countless things that would make me this way, recounting people, events, and feelings that brought on immense anger, rage, and frustration.

I got called into the audition room about a half hour late, so I had that extra half hour to prepare.  I went in, did my thing, talked briefly with the CD, who drilled me on my training, classes I have taken and are taking, and he sent me off with the promise of letting my know my acceptance within 24 hours.  I was sincerely uncertain of what he thought of my audition and I was leaning towards, no because of his somewhat neutral reaction towards me.

My theater company was holding new member auditions uptown all day, so I set out to watch and read to the  applicants, which was both a blast and an utterly baffling experience–the latter because of the insane asylum-worthy few who showed up at our door.  One woman, who had come completely unprepared with so much as a scene to read with us, refused to leave the premises for over an hour; spouting promises that she was so amazing, we needed to have her with us, despite her inability to contribute to our monthly member dues. I digress in efforts to avoid speaking distastefully.  We got some really stellar auditioners and made some careful and sometimes easy choices for who we would admit.  After a few hours, I got an email from One on One.  Afraid to open it, wanting to leave my disappointment for when I was alone, I caught sight of the word, “congratulations”. Shocked, I opened the email to see that I had been accepted!  Oh my word.

It was a wonderful magical day and after spending six of the nine  hours watching and participating in the new member auditions for 68 Cent, I am so excited to see how our company grows and morphs with the new talent we’ve added.

xoxo Happy Weekend!



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