Cabin Feverish

I think I am a little hard on myself…  Today was a “day off” and I was just thinking, “Omg I was so lazy today!”  Then I started recounting everything I did today, and although these things were not life-saving measures to improve mankind, I did them:

–started a new secret alias YouTube channel complete with a theme and fonts

–designed and sewed five belts

–did makeup and styled myself for photographs of said belts

–posted two of the belts online on

–cooked two meals from scratch

–did two 8×10 drawings of Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp (seriously)

–practiced a monologue I am working on 15 times in different ways and recorded it 15 times

— watched two movies in Spanish

— changed my outfit like 5 times and managed to get smoothie all over one of them

–talked to my sister, father, & mother on the phone

— blogged twice

All in all, I think it’s been a pretty stupidly productive day


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