(Desira Pesta in the) Burdastyle Sewing Handbook! Woo!

A terrific sewing website I have been a member of/ freelancer for since it’s inception six years ago just reached a milestone– the published a book with Random House & I’m in it!  Burdastyle.com just launched a gorgeous sewing manual and design inspiration guide & we had a big party here in NYC last night..

A Page With My Design!

So, each of the 78 book contributors was given a sewing pattern and their choice of fabric and were told to personalize it in any way possible.  This meant chopping it up, cropping it, or mangling it in any way they saw fit.  For my blouse design, I decided to remove the sleeves, add a few things, and make a flirtatious whirl of a skirt…

This was the original pattern as given:

And this is my rendition after some heavy duty pattern reworking & in a seersucker:

The Design Just Finished Last Year

Suspension & Bridges were my inspirations for this design

Zee Back

Voila!  The party was a lot of fun and for more information on the book, go here:


One thought on “(Desira Pesta in the) Burdastyle Sewing Handbook! Woo!

  1. Hi! I have the burdastyle sewing handbook and i just love your blouse variation so I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to explain how you altered the pattern to make your variation? Thank you!

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