DIM Do It Myself

I really like this stuff:

So I decided to make it fresh every day and avoid spending loads of money on pre-packaged varieties.  I literally have spent over $100 on LaraBars in the last year and probably a few hundred in the last five years. I bought a food processor, loads of nuts, dried fruits, coconut, seeds, and got to work.  You blend them and just add a tiny bit of water to bind them all. HIGH FIVE!

Now, I have severe celiac disease and severe erosive gastritis because of it, so my stomach is constantly in a state of owwie or eeeeeeee.  Ginger, the stellar almighty sacred plant of the stomach gods is the perfect natural antidote to any kind of gastro-induced blues.  It takes great, makes me feel great, and is all-around AOK, alright, happening, and groovy.



–chop fresh ginger into small pieces

–bring a pot of water to boil and “boil the shit out of the ginger”

–after the water has turned a slight golden yellow, remove from heat

— once cooled, add honey to taste, put in a jar, shake up and serve hot or cooled

I actually really like it ice cold in these summer months.



The DesiraBars, LaraBars version aren’t as amazing as the real thing, but saving lots of money and time is a good thing.


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