Winter Piglet Talks Movies

So I don’t know about other endurers of winter, but during the present coldest-season-of-the-year, I have become a piglet, a raging porker, an over-eater, and an overzealous gobbler.  It’s awesome.

The Key to My Heart Is a Baby Pig

Building up protection against the cold is a natural process in winter, but sometimes, I’m like, seriously, did I need to do that?

Pig Yearbook Picture

I recently got a part-time job as a hostess at Hecho en Dumbo, a fabulous Mexico City restaurant in Noho in Manhattan.  It’s awesome.


The food is phenomenal and this is one of the places I have been gorging at; and one of the reasons I have been gorging.  Margaritas are the best too.


In other news, The Fighter is my favorite movie of the year.  Mark Wahlberg never did it for me til seeing that movie…twice.  I want to see it again. Gahhh it’s so good.  Christian Bale deserved that SAG award and Emmy so much. Every performance he has given us has been wonderful. I knew it since Newsies.  Wahlberg’s subdued performance was also such a great complement to the drug-riddled loud-mouthed Bale character, Dickie.  Melissa Leo, as the mother of the two, was a knockout and I think this put her on the map for the rest of her career.  She gave so much life and almost-likeable ugliness to her Alice. Blown away was I. The almost comic stylization of their blue collar early nineties characters  was perfect.  The teased hair, horrid makeup, ill-fitting clothing of the family and bloodthirsty sister menagerie added to their overall lack of respectability.

The Sisters Greek

Mythological themes abounded.  I really think this movie is stellar and David O. Russell’s replacement of Darren Aronofsky, who took Black Swan instead, was befitting for both.

I want to get as ripped as Marky Mark.  It was such an inspirational story on so many fronts.  If you hate fighting and fighting movies, I suggest you see this right away.  Fighting is really an afterthought of the plotline.



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