Sunday (Cake) Madness


The Troops Lined Up for the Fight




So, I’ve had celiac disease my whole life, yet have only known and been gluten free for three years.  This means that I have tasted my fair share of wheaty & gluten-y products all over the globe for 24 years and thus … miss them.  It’s just fine being gluten free.  I have come to accept and value my bodily state with open arms, as abstaining is WAY more pleasant than being sick from foods that are toxic to my body.  One thing I have really hated is the inability to enjoy desserts.  There have been an insurgence of gluten free products and bakeries popping up in the last few years, yet let’s face it, most of these products are either or both SHITTY AND EXPENSIVE.  Like, not only do I have a disease, you had to go ahead and rip me off for something that tastes like it was made in the Middle Ages with hay and wood glue.

I went to an audition today and afterwards, my body begged me to go on a walk, as opposed to going to work right away.  The day was perfect, hot in the very present sun and cold in the shade. The sky was bright lucid blue and nothing much can be said about clouds.  I really wanted a coffee, yet also really wanted something iced and devilish.  Passing a Starbucks every block, I grew anxious to find something gluten free AND TASTY, as S-bucks only offers me rice krispy treats, which are solid blocks of fructose syrup and air.  Most of my dessert options are this: 

Where were the Martha Stewart worthy cakes that just so happened to be void of evil gluten?  I wanted something iced, sugary, sweet, decadent, bad-for-me, AND excellent with coffee.  My phone was about to die, but I did a quick search of gluten free bakeries in NY, NY and came up with one I hadn’t seen before…

” TU-LU’S GLUTEN FREE BAKERY” on E. 11th and 2nd Avenue, which was precisely 25-30 blocks from where I was looking at my phone;s screen.  What if I walked all that way and it was shitty and expensive and/or closed!?  I read a few of the reviews via and they ALL lauded Tu-Lu’s left and right.  I even got tips on what to eat.  I walked there…. don’t know how long it took me, but it was a beautiful day, I was going to be late for work because of it, and I might as well spend time and money on something coveted like a dehydrated horse for water.  I also hoped it was cute because it felt like the type of day where I wanted a coffee in a nice place and to enjoy every minute of my procrastination.


Got there and it was super cute!  The sign outside was pastel and adorable and I was happy!  The cute blond woman who worked in there was bubbly and could sense my bursting at the seams excitement over my choices of gluten free this and gluten free that.  I was overwhelmed!  This was a kid in a candy shop moment and I never get this kind of decision-making!  My eyes scanned left and right, up and down… cookies, cupcakes, coffee cake, mini cupcakes, muffins, panini, AUGHHHHHHH.  I kept proclaiming what I wanted and then withdrawing that statement and asking for something else only to retract that one as well.

With patience of steel, she waited for me to make my final descent back to earth and out of the gluten free heaven clouds and handed a coffee and a coffee cake to my shaking and whimpering hands.

With my pick on a plate and a corn-based “plastic” fork, I went to town on this treat, while enjoying the view on my street-facing white stool.

NOW! I have tried my fair share of gluten free foods and this was BY FAR the best freaking cake I have ever have.  Crunchy sugar clusters clung to the top and sides of the slightly browned crust and crunch was everpresent.  Inside, the perfect & OH SO MOIST cream-colored cake was it’s perfect complement.  HOLY CRAP, like seriously perfect.  I tried really hard to savor it all, yet couldn’t stop the beautiful rhythm of my fork hitting the cake and thereafter my tongue.

1 great coffee & 1 incendiary coffee cake = $5.99

I can’t wait to go back.


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