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I was so lucky to have been asked to represent BURDASTYLE and vend my Burda pattern-made handmade wares at NYC’s first ever Makerfaire on September 25th and 26th in Queens as part of the BUST CRAFTACULAR.  I was also even luckier to have been able to share a booth with the spectacular ladies of, Trish and Mo, whose upbeat laugh-a-minute personalities kept us all working our abs with tears in our eyes the whole weekend.

Of FoodNetwork Fame, Gerard's Paella Brings in the Real Deal

Trish is also the designer behind MerGirl, an amorous and simple line of womenswear that makes any woman feel like a million gorgeous dollars of comfortable femininity.  She even gave me one of her f*ing gorgeous hand-dyed slips! Just because!  

NOW! Smashing Darling represents 704 independent designers from around the world, so please head there for all of your handmade fashion needs because these ladies do nothing but lovelovelove indie fashion and know how much hard work and amazingness goes into an independent company.  Support the small companies!

The Smashing side of our booth.

We all had a blast, heard and saw some jet engine powered “Jet Ponies”, a chariot race comprised of a variety of manmade BurningMan-esque devices for moving, a human-sized Mouse Trap, a symphony and fountain of Diet Coke and Mentos

There was so much for adults and children alike and if you didn’t make it out, that’s too freaking bad because it was so much fun!



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