I saw I AM LOVE last week and it was incredible.  At times, the plot was slow-paced and pregnant with impending drama, yet overall it was gorgeously shot, retro in set design, with stylized timelessness and visuals, and was all-together immensely beautiful.  I loved the relationships that Tilda Swinton’s character had with each of her family members and then with her lover.

I LOVED the colorblocked emsembles of Fendi and Jil Sander’s costume design (especially the tangerine cigarette pants ahhh!!!)

The ending was probably the best ending I have ever seen.  

In the last three minutes, the suspenseful music screeched and undulated begging for action from the main character. As she decided what her fate would be…. does she leave her family for love, or does she carry out her duties as a mother and wife , the music grew louder and more robust screaming, “give me your answer!!”, as if nature was taking the room.

I love I Am Love


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