HBO is Killing It

So,  I have two loves of my life: designing/sewing and film/acting and I am lucky enough to get to do both.

Desira Plays a Brothel Prostitute

At the end of May, the first season of Boardwalk Empire, Martin Scorsese’s new 1920’s drama for HBO wrapped for it’s first season of filming and I am so so so excited to watch it in September.  One of my favorite actors and crushes since he was a a doe-eyed copycat in Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Michael Pitt is one of the stars.  I still cannot believe that I got to work alongside of him AND the incredible Steve Buscemi whose work spans many a genre and many a great film.

A few trailers and promos have been released by HBO, yet if they haven’t tickled your fancy yet, let me tell you that this show is going to be huge.

It’s been a blast to film, it had an incredible and gorgeous authentically 20’s set and authentic 20’s everything.  The costume warehouse is like my wet dream closet… a city block of dresses, top hats, shoes, shirts, jackets, suits, political buttons, Halloween costumes… all from the early 20th century!  I won’t tell you anything more, but check out the trailer below: