Craigslist is Depressing!

People have been having a very hard time finding work.  It’s elusive.  I have heard of stories of people working 50 hours a week for free, as part of an “internship” and waking at 5:30am on a Saturday to go into “work”.  These people even have college and masters degrees!  There is a phD I have heard of working at Home Depot.  My Verizon customer service rep, who is amazing might I add, is an out of work photographer.  Friends I had while working at a farmer’s market are an actor, a GPS business owner, and an accountant.  A friend of mine who I met while working on Gossip Girl for next to nothing used to have accounts with Macy’s and other big chains for window display decoration.  This shit is depressing!  So much talent, so many headaches, all on account of the economy and a whole new class of college graduates just spilled out of the doors of their institutions, clutching their diplomas like rifles, aiming for their targets.  The sad thing is that only a few fields are going to actually be there to shoot at.

So I just found this on the NYFA website (NY Foundation for the Arts)

It’s a small stipend internship where pay is based on performance or whatever that means.  Like hey, maybe we’ll pay ya.  Like if you work really really hard we’ll buy your lunch, but we can’t abide by any dietary restrictions….

Bachelor’s Degree with art history or related major preferred.  Computer and design skills including knowledge of Office and Adobe programs.  Demonstrated background in old masters, facility in French and German, experience with prints and drawings all a great plus. The ideal candidate is organized and detail-oriented, with integrity, flexibility, good humor, punctuality, and discretion.”

YOU WANT THAT FOR FREE!!??  Tri-lingual College-graduated Old Master Geniuses???!!!

That sad sad thing is that places of employment are finding unbelievable stellar and overly qualified people to work these jobs and internships because everyone’s so freaking broke and the poor blokes in the companies who are looking for them are also SEVERELY BROKE BLOKES.  It’s a nasty circle.

What’s a gal (or guy) to do!?

The job market.  woof.