and the sun smiles

It’s all happy times in NYC because it’s Spring.  Today I photoshopped and wrote from 9-5 in my house and then took my atrophied body up to Prospect Park.  I first wandered through a huge circular dog run surrounded by trees and it was half Secret Garden, half park in Blow Up where he sees the woman and man fighting.  There were dogs though and they were happy dogs.

I walked to the park and braved the speeding bikers to the great lawn where I found a spot not far enough to be out of earshot of two girls my age who were having really banal conversations.

The sun was going to set in about an hour and that’s my favorite time of the day.  Everything seems to take on a magical glittery glimmering orange glow; as the grass around me did, the trees in the distance did, and my needle weaving in and out of the wooden buttons I applied to the bubblegum pink buttondown I am making for my boyfriend.

A dog that resembled one of the babykillers in Willow, approached me and I would have been scared, but it was friendly.  I’m pretty sure they put masks on dog actors for these death dogs and that’s funny.


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