Goodbye to a Queen.

My favorite fashion designer, a truly rebellious avant garde wonderboy has passed.  Alexander McQueen was found dead at his home in London just days before London Fashion Week and a month before his collection to be shown in Paris.  I’m extraordinarily sad to know that this man’s push and pull of fashion history has been cut short.  He was only 40.  I

I looked to McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2010 Collection for inspiration for my own Fall 2009 Collection I’m debuting next weekend. Inspiration isn’t strong enough a word to describe what he does for fashion.

hope that like Versace, someone steps up and continues the brand and the out-of-this-world clothing that has been making women walk with a lot more confidence and stores stocked with a lot more art and a lot less humdrum.  You’ll live on, baby.

Photo: The Guardian


on a lighter note…. we were supposed to get a snowocalypse… we didn’t in NYC

I’m snowverit!

It’s snow big deal!

Snow shots from my boyfriend’s parents’ backyard in NJ.


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