Brooklyn Reigns

To a Brooklynite, the idea that almost anything and everything is made right here in our NYC borough is probably taken for granted.

Mast Brothers Chocolate

We have delicious Mast Brothers Chocolates, Artisan Brooklyn Lagers, locally roasted Stumptown coffee, Red Hook Winery Brooklyn’s only vintner, handmade bicycles, furniture, butcher shops, brew kits, cheeses, ………. Brooklyn is chock full of fabulous makers who handcraft their goods the way our ancestors did it and the quality of said products is being lauded worldwide.  As a proud and participating member of this large presence of Brooklyn makers, I chose today’s blog to celebrate the wonder that is Brooklyn.  It’s truly inconceivable how invested our few miles of landscape are to slow food, perfect tailoring, old world taste, top notch music, and incendiary design.

The Bespoke Suit by BrooklynTailors

Channeling the New York of yesteryear, which housed a new cropping of imports with strong trade skills from their homeland, today’s Brooklyn offers the same slew of masters. These talented folks provide handmade custom suits with timeless charm, decadently wrapped and overkeenly conceived dessert, and top notch skin care items that stand out amongst the hoards of processed corporate junk that thwarted local business in the New York area since the dawn of the powerful factory giants took over mid-century.

This resurgence of keeping it local has only exacerbated the growth of the business of local makers and for good reason.  These products were built to last, created to awe, mixed to content, and constructed to transcend.  The good stuff is made here in charismatic Brooklyn, Portland’s brother.

Saipua's Soap Selection

Brooklyn Brew's Home Brewing Beer Kit

Junkprints' American Dream Necklace from a Recycled Record

Zooguu's Butler Plush

This list is rather meager.  Now, go see what else Brooklyn has! …


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