Still Daddy’s Fancy Boy

I was feeling a little down today, so I decided to cut that crap and put on some


I laugh thinking about this show. I laugh in anticipation of the show starting.  I laugh at the opening credits, throughout the show and I have aftershock residual laughs.  The show = giggle kingdom.

How funny is Alec Baldwin’s turn as his name shows up in the opening ….. oh shit I heard it coming on, so I had to stop writing to watch it and thereafter giggle into my hand. 


So then, if you’re feeling stressed, are carrying a heavy sack of the winter blues, or need something to make you a bit more buoyant, turn to this NBC monolith of comedy.


It’s so random and so well-scripted.  The cadence of the actor’s lines are spot-on.  The comedy is quirky and weird, awkward, candid, asinine.  Amazingggggggggg.  It’s also so so lovely to see Jane Krakoski, of Allie McBeal fame in a more outrageous role than she was given in AMB.  She was more subdued, more calculated, now she’s unhinged, fiery, ridiculous, wide-eyed, and lunatic.

Tracey Morgan.  I had no idea. You’re like eleven years old trapped in a 40’s temple of doom.

Alec Baldwin, I think this is your best role ever.  Ever.  You’re incredibly funny and so well-timed.  If I could spent eleven minutes with you in this character, I think I would be in a good mood for two months afterwards.

“Holding up one finger to get someone to stop talking, he invented that.”

“You know why my place is so big?  When I was first married to my ex-wife, we were in the basement over the years i kept buying the floors above me to make room for the family I thought we’d have would never have.  Well now I have something better than a family–a walk-in humidor, a lap pool, and a replica of the Irish pub where my grandmother was born. ”

This shit makes me watch the television I have been avoiding since the mid 2000’s.


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