Today I walked four miles to work to celebrate the lovely weather we were having (only 40 degrees!) and hitting the second to last block before my studio, I was greeted by six young men.  I passed them and they screamed,

“She has no ass!  She is trash!  Throw her in the trash!! EWW What a waste! Throw her in the trash!”

Upon hearing this, I laughed, as it was ridiculous and I do not care that my ass is flat… Even still, it bothered me as I made my way onward.

Cultures truly have different takes on what is beautiful and this fact is something I love, yet being harassed for such beliefs sure is crappy!  “Throw her in the trash!”  Damn Youth.

Okay okay, I don’t have an ass.  That’s fine.  I am no Beyonce.  That is fer sure.  I know someone special who likes what I be tote-in’.

What else do people laud as beautiful?








That’s a pretty good list.  So, now that we’ve established that I have no ass, I decided to investigate the many wearables that could ameliorate any missing pieces.

NUMBER I.  Kcoline’s kcocotte a kro

Alexander McQueen Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Alexander McQueen   They Wouldn’t Even Notice An Ass

Boudicca  Honey, I Have to Clean the Blinds

xo Desira


One thought on “Ass

  1. I think butt implants are the only way to go…you don’t want to ruin your self esteem by not packin’ enough junk in the trunk. Just kidding…yer fine those dudes are losers

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