Clothing, Cloth, Fashion, Sewing, Needles, Thread, Hangers, …

If I could have a bigger closet and shrink my room I would.  I love cloth and textiles and vintage and shoes.  Oh to have the wardrobe of a queen.  What is it about clothing that makes so many of us shriek in delight?  Seriously, why has fashion, of all things, completely taken hold of a great many people and made them utterly obsessed?

A great design can sometimes even summon an near orgasm.

We love duds.

Getting dressed up for prom, for a red carpet event, for a date or even for church is such a celebrated past-time of us folks and has been throughout time and across cultures for reasons varying by demographic, creed, politics, costume, >>>>>>>>>>

Just what is it about cloth that makes it’s structure so compelling and so worthy of near worship?


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