Hello! From Brooklyn

So lot’s of time has passed since my last post and so I will update you with some news…

Obama is president!  Just Kidding it’s only been like 6 weeks..

My Movie Debut!  Check out this trailer and me sitting very near Mr. Ben Stiller in one of my favorite directors, Noah Baumbach’s latest film due out in 2010.  The movie was a blast to shoot for a week of my life in April and I met some great great people.

AUGHHHH!!!  WOOOOO While in Los Angeles, I had a sample sale with my pal, Layla.  The female star of the movie, Greta Gerwig, came and is now a proud owner of a Desira Pesta top.  She is also a super sweet lady.  A blast.  Can’t wait to see the movie!!  Greenberg – Coming to theaters March 12, 2010. Cast: Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Never would I thought that four years ago after seeing The Squid and the Whale and thereafter watching it obsessively for a year would I get to meet and be on set with Noah.  AUGHHHHHHHHH  Similarly, Zoolander, one of my guiltiest pleasures and from which I can quote every line, is another surreal dream come true.  Follow your dreams.


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