This Life As We Know It


These days, we might be floundering, trying to find meaning in a little bit (or a lot) of suffering.  Strong constants in our lives have vanished somehow, somewhere, and we are left somewhat disabled by our unsecurities about our futures, as well as our fear for what’s to come.  Bills are plentiful despite our hardships.  These guys always get paid, don’t they.  Perhaps we’ve abandoned age old habits in lieu of a more simple life, a more humble life, in this day and age.  Maybe we were forced to take a job “far below us” ; and are therefore forced to work amongst people we would never have encountered other than being served by.  Maybe our troubles mimic their own and we can all share in a dance of hiding from our them, and seeking refuge from them.

Maybe our constant companions are worries and doubts, empty refrigerators and voids where our favorite possessions used to stand, yet now have a new place to call home.  Maybe our eyes are badgered by the need to sleep.   Our bodies are aching for the beds they used to see more and dream more in.  Alarm clocks break our dreaming and remind us of our obligations ,in hours earlier than we’d like to greet, require us to see.  We need to work more.  We somehow have less.  E-C-O-N-O-M-I-C   D-O-W-N-T-U-R-N created this exhaustion and we are the casualties.

Maybe we once had retail shops that were flocked to and prized by the media.  A once highly decorated shop windows stands naked with a single poster asking, “who would like to move in?”.  Our comforts in the things that were always there, ever-present, exceptionally reliable, like those old customers, annihilated.  We look around and somehow people are still thriving.  We grow angry, jealous, despondent, aggressive.  Others are aggressive too.  We all push and shove a little harder, our tongues are quick to throw out words usually reserved for worse conditions.  We can’t take it.  We’re pissed.

Friends might have left you and moved somewhere cheaper or somewhere where dreams grow a little better. Perhaps some gave up.  As terrible as it is to say it, some couldn’t take it.  Some saw no end but a grave. I know one, do you?  Time has experienced this before, but some of us haven’t.  Some of us were mere babes in a grown up world in 1991-1992.

I am not one to be cheesy, but this song cheered me up.  It made me feel a little more community in a crappo time….

xoxox Desira


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