I was feeling…

a little weird today and sort of unaccomplished, so I started listing off what I have done since last July in my head and recounting things I had forgotten about or brushed off as one time deals, when added up, gave me quite a pat on the back.  Do the same.  Think back to things you have done, be them noteable or simply new, and add them up.


I hope it brightens your day as it did mine.

On another note, I went to a tv show audition today and it turned into an episode of Desira Can’t Stop Laughing after leaving the place….

Here’s a recounting of my experience at the casting agent’s office:


So you’re looking to get into the business? (Me in my head, no I’m in)

I like your look yeah yeah

I like this, gesturing to my dress bodice with his hand upturned to the ceiling. Is this something you put together? (In his thick caricature brooklyn accent)

Me: this dress? No my mother dressed me.
“Is that polyester? That’s interesting fabric”
Me: no its silk

Look here this is a lady who came in turns out she’s a chef now she’s a celebrity chef that’s me in the background. She asked me to come around because I got her her start. Now she’s famous” Shows me a video on pause on the internet of her being videotaped in an interview in a bar and indeed brad is in the background.

Behind me he shows me a giant 36″ long pixelated poster of molly sims with his tiny head in the background on her left shoulder. “See that’s molly sims from — she asked me to come with her to this event because I got her her start.”

Pulling out a dogeared smudgey photocopied series of papers, he points down a list of television shows and movies he is casting for. Hitting every title with his pointer finger, he went through 6 pages of 6 names and pointed out each one as if the motion of hitting along w the bold size 14 text and popular culture names like gossip girl was going to make me cum in my little my mother dressed me dress.

How tall are you are you really 5’10 or do you have heels on?

Me: actually I’m 5’11” and I have a bit of heel on my boot

“Oh Uggs?”

Me: no they’re custom boots I got in italy (not trying to sound like a snob but they are not Uggs, nor do they look like them hahah)

He is the perfect caricature of an agency head. Brad, tan, brooklyn accent, fast talking ,slicked back black moussed hair ilikeyourlookilikeyourlook babble gabble, stupid meaningless unimpressive pixelated photos of minor celebs with his mighthavebeenphotoshopped self in the background.

I thought this was an audition.

Then he hits me with what I got wind of in the waiting room— I need headshots and he would do it– I can get it done right here!!! I said what if I have headshots? (Which I don’t yet but can easily sequester from one of my many professional photog friends…) He says yes bring them in.


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