In the summertime, my main means of transport is bike and nothing is worse than being tremendously hot and wearing a too short dress on a bike.

Therefore, I have decided to start making jumpers/rompers  and short shorts for both myself and for my customers!

This gorgeous romper by Adam at shopadam.com c/o style.com is awesome and perfect:

Can’t wait to outfit myself in bamboo high-waisted shorts and lightweight blue cotton rompers!

In other news, the Steven Madden store on Rivington Street in The Lower East Side caught me on a brief walk around mid-work sessions and I went in.  I saw SALE signs, but I didn’t realize that the LES could hold such a magnitude of SALE. TWO PAIRS OF BOOTS FOR $50 & TWO PAIRS OF SHOES FOR $30.  UM WHAT?  Despite my corrupted bank account c/o taxes, I tried on every pair that fit me.  In recent years, as can be told by an earlier blog post, I have become a SHOEWHORE.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw ruddy red orange suede boots in my size for $25.  They retail at $300.  They are the type of boot my coal-mining grandfather would have placed on my feet to follow him down into the coalpits had he lived to do so.  They are the boots my cowboy-chasing great-grandmother would have thrown on to chase the escaped purebred filly.  They’re awesome! And now mine!

The other pair I got are an ode to the 60’s with a curvilinear heel and a stack of wood at that.  20th century boomerang modern with a tall off-white suede calf-covering.  These are the type of boots my disco-go-go mother would have slapped on before wiggling and writhing in the light-filled penchant of Studio 54.

There were some other sexy beasts I would have liked to own, but knowing my 5’11” NYC walkin’ frame can’t handle too much, I had to abstain.

Right before my shoe-acquisition, I walked past Teany, the musician/artist Moby’s cafe and low-and-behold Michael Pitt was sitting outside. I had plans to go there anyway, yet wheeled around even harder so that I could plant my ass right across from him.  I ordered a coffee, without allowing myself the time to actually think about what I wanted, and scooted outside to sit across from him.  He was with a short Japanese women and the two were talking about Japan and Australia, ping-ponging between the two.  After two minutes, I realized that this guy had an Australian accent.  Michael Pitt is from New Jersey or something.  This was Michael Pitt’s dopelganger and a truly incendiary one at that.  He had me convinced.  Same hair, same eyes, same face, same bone structure.  It did cross my mind that this could be Michael Pitt, acting… So I will leave it at that.

Then again, this guy was way hotter than MP.  Sorry MP.


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