City Limits

I just got home from seeing Jim Jarmusch’s latest, Limits of Control, at Angelika Theater on Houston Street.  Gorgeous, penetrating, cockteasingly scant dialogue, STELLAR SOUNDTRACK, and deep and quick relations amongst protagonist and his meetings.  I liked it.  I saw Broken Flowers in the theater years ago and did not like it, yet with me, third time’s usually the charm. I also did not love Coffee & Cigarettes, another acclaimed Jarmusch.  I tried, but no luck.  It is my good friend, Elliot’s, favorite movie though.  HMM.

My opinion of films also lies grossly on my mood seeing it.  I think I would like Broken Flowers, watching it a second time.

Anyway, in Limits of Control, the puzzling quirky affected effects of a life unknown as viewed by the voyeur audience of Mister Jarmusch were more readable to my now 26 year old mind.  At 21, I was not so stout nor cultivated for Broken.  The soundtrack, like I said, was killer and perfect.  After doing some research, I found that the D.P. was acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love, Paranoid Park).  I love both of the aforementioned films.  LOVE.  SIGH. Go put In the Mood for Love on your Netflix queue!  Paranoid Park is also one I saw in the theater and thought there was something wrong with me for, as I had a crush on every one of the 15 year old skater boys in the film.  I guess my 15 year old self who never had a boyfriend, let alone a hot skater boyfriend, was coming out of me for this.

I like Jarmusch.  I find him difficult, yet his last few works worked for me.  Good work.

My friend Greg left for Spain on Saturday and earlier today I had a flashback to my friend Becca and I playing voyeurs to a deviant diner who took off down the labyrinthine lanes of the Barcelona streetscape to escape paying her bill….only to be followed at a hurried pace by a male and female cast of waiters wishing to get her money into their deserving pockets… The movie takes place in Spain and so, there we go… Spain…  How funny. I didn’t know.  Things come up a lot in unison, don’t they?   Barcelona Rules. I hope Greg’s having the time of his life.  El tempo de la vida.


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