Finding Humor in “One of Those Days”

A list of current problems/ annoyances as of 9:30am this morning…

brand new Givenchy tights split down the crotch during the first 5 minutes of wear

One of my Gmail accounts would not load and it was the only one I needed to write emails from… For two hours it would not load and I had to respond to two emails in it… I switched from firefox to safari then restarted the computer, deleted cookies, cleared my cache, refreshed, nothing

Verizon dropped the important call I had been waiting for since last night regarding a class I want to take that I need to register for today.  The woman I had been talking to still has not called back in the 2.5 hours since

Trying to work through orders to ship out tomorrow, my serger decided to refuse to work.  REFUSE

Last week, my Apple Imac computer at home, which I use for movies and music, crashed after inserting a friend’s homemade electro music cd… It no longer recognizes that I have any music on my computer, a dvd player, nor airport doesn’t matter anyway, as my insane asylum-ready downstairs neighbor, who controls the whole building’s internet decided that because I forgot to pay him for the month of April’s internet ($15) for which I was in California, he was going to change the password, so I could no longer even access internet.

About to pack orders, I found that a jar of honey in my filing cabinet had spilled and covered all of my tissue paper and a lot of shipping supplies…

this ain’t that bad.  it’s just fun to vent and see it all out together in perfect annoying harmony.


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