Project Runway

So, I was asked to audition for Project Runway and having avoided doing so every other year, I did it.

I was chosen to come back for the second audition and interview amongst the top ten percentile of those who applied.  Yesterday, I stepped into the hotel where they held the audition in Manhattan and made my way through the sign in process and sat with the few others.  I was wearing an outfit I felt great in and had my bag of the five requested items with me.  They called my name and I stepped onward to the audition prep area where I was fondled by the microphone guy, who hid my mike, as well as pep-talked by a p.a. who told me where to stand and what to do.  The door opened and I was blinded by bright lights and people sitting and microphones and camera and then I turned to see my judges, Tim Gunn, Christian Siriano, and forgive me for not knowing who the pretty blonde lass on the left was, I work too hard to watch tv…. I was like heeeey (surprised, blinded, and now shaking as I tried hanging up my clothing with tangled hangers)

They asked me a series of questions and I answered with a series of answers.  The all smiled and were cordial, nice, pleasant, great.  They liked me.  At one point Mister Gunn turned his head to the others and said I don’t know how she’ll do on the runway… (I am a self-taught seamstress and entirely aware of my fallbacks with this…) Overall, the consensus, as told by Mister Gunn, was that there will be many more seasons, and they’d love to have me in the future, I was just not ready.  Tim and Christian also suggested I take a class to master simple fashion school skills, such as Christian’s suggested baby hem and facing my ruffles.  I agreed with them.  Their answer couldn’t have been more perfect.  When I often find myself struggling with pattern questions or finding a DIY way to do something, I wish I had thought of this.  They hit me over the head with the tremendously much-needed epiphany of TAKE A CLASS, LEARN LEARN LEARN HOW TO BE BETTER. STOP STRUGGLING.

The trajectory of life often baffles me.  The ways in which we find ourselves in situations, or in the company of others, when taken apart like film stills and mapped together into a long stream, blows my mind. I ran to an audition at the request of my friend Chanel for a PR company’s contest last year.  My friend and I decided to go at the last minute to audition for a free year of representation by the young hip company.  We were denied at the door for being too late, yet another applicant convinced them to let us in.  At this audition I shone and was the most well-spoken version of myself I have ever been.  The judges really liked me and had me keep them in contact for the last year.  I included them in my mailing lists and enewsletters and they always congratulated or lauded me for this or that.  (so nice) and then they somehow told Project Runway about me… Long story short, I am now going to take a summer course in technical sewing to enhance my skills and I am going to re-audition for Project Runway next year.  So, reiterating what makes me smile,

Chanel tells me to go to audition—> other applicant gets us in—> judges like me and have me keep in touch—-> they tell Proj Run about me—> I apply—> I go to auditon—> I hear exactly what I need to hear for right now—> get better and reapply.

In the process of all of this I am moving into a much cheaper apartment in a different neighborhood for the summer.  My goal was to really have a summer, as I didn’t last year.  I was to bike more, swim more, have bbq’s more, laugh more and continue my education.  No more caging myself up in my studio all day.

We live once, and this propels me to spend 12-15 hours a day manifesting my ideas, yet we live once. I am not living. I’m working… This is the time to change that.


5 thoughts on “Project Runway

  1. You and your designs are lovely, and I would cheer for you all the way when the timing is right and you’re in the competition! Keep it up!

  2. your stuff is so cool, I think they should jump at the chance to have you on the show!

    I always check your etsy shop to see if you have made any handbags.

    goodluck to you!

  3. I hear my friend. I’m very proud of you. Way to recognize the good. I too need to live a little more, so thanks for the reminder.

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