I Have Nothing to Write About

Hi There,

My brain is fried from traveling to and fro California twice in 3 weeks and working copious copious 15 hour days before, after, and during my stay.

Therefore, having returned to NYC, I feel somewhat lackluster and energy-less; and to make matters worse, I passed out and slammed my head into the refrigerator the first day back!  Dehydration is serious, people, drink your liquids!

Anywayyyyyyyyyyy I’m a little disheleved right now, but exciting things are happening and I hope they are in your life too!

My roommate and thus her doggie moved in with her boyfriend, so I lost my dog best friend and am now a bachlorette.  I feel like Layla and I got a divorce and she got custody.  Maybe I will get weekend visits with Daisy!

What’s up with this swine flu.  I was watching CNN about it on the plane ride home, as was the couple sitting next to me.  I got really scared hearing the death toll and my growing proximity to a lot of the swine flu- inflicted in Queens NY.  Augh! I was hours away and NYC is such a touchy touchy sticky fingered coughy germ-sharey city!!! We’ll all have it in the same amount of time it takes to go from 42nd Street to Herald Square. …After a few seconds of watching the broadcast, the woman half of the couple next to me ripped out a container of hand sanitizer and both she and her man swathed their hands and forearms in it again and again and again throughout the next hour.  I think they also kept eyeing me suspiciously, yet I covered my face and head with a huge sweater and tried to get some much-needed sleep.

I had never been to California prior to April 5, 2009 and having spent three weeks there since then, I was greeted with friendly, charismatic, charming folks.  I made new friends, I ate new things, I saw new ways of living, breathing, and making money… I loved California.  My buddies Toby and Henry continually tried coaxing me into moving to LA.  They kept saying, “It’s easy living”.  This sentiment was continued by a slew of other friends who said the same and tried just as hard to convince me.  I didn’t see too much of the state, yet grew enamored with the congeniality of it all.  I had so much fun and so much in common with the lifestyle there, yet I still cling to my New York.

From afar, throughout my Pennsylvania youth, I also was drawn incredibly hard by the lure of California.  I ate organic, did yoga, was obsessed with vintage (clothing, furniture, cars) as a middle-schooler.  I knew I had a lot of commonalities with CA, yet still for some reason, I am a New Yorker.

We work hard, we fight hard, we brave freezing winters and slovenly disgusting summers, exhaust, aggressiveness, unreliable trains, people on top of us, tourists galore, … yet there’s all that other stuff. There’s that idyllic, I’m-a-part-of-this-beast, I-am-never-bored, I-am-at-the-center-of-the-universe homeostasis we all are constantly riding.beast09-1

New York is voraciously combative creature and some of us were born fighting and need to continue that fight to feel alive. I don’t want it easy.

When I returned to New York and made my way through the terminal, through the baggage claim, up the escalators to the AirTrain, and finally to a standing position on the A train, I was hit by exhaustion and the stench of an odious city, well a gorgeous and pleasant place that often smells bad and is dirty.  I stillhad another hour of train riding, a bus ride and a bit of a walk before I would make it to be door.  Not a fast or easy commute.  My trips to and fro California opened my eyes to the many ways of living and yet I still find solace and comfort in wrapping myself up in big screaming, sloppy, choleric, snooty, gorgeous, and honest New Yorkers.


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