time for excitement


On Thursday, my fabric supply man will be coming to our studio to show us what he’s got to buy.  These purchases will make my Spring 2009 designs come to life and will dictate a whole new palette and more mature, yet show-stopping look for Desira Pesta. The fabric I use is completely green, as it’s all top quality (think Marc Jacobs and Fendi throw-aways!!!) designer surplus and overstock and thus thwarting would-be waste.

I’m so excited!!!!! Buying fabric is like Christmas for me….

Spring/Summer 09 will be launched in two weeks and will also be shown at a trunk show at APARTMENT3,an avant guarde and independent boutique in Los Angeles on April 25th along with my pal and associate Layla’s line, LEDTHREAD.


One thought on “time for excitement

  1. I want to comment on this. My comment is this. I like to comment. Much luff dearest. Buy the goods, bring em’ home. Make them special. Hi.

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