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wednesday morning sartorialism.

Hi! A full week has elapsed since my last blog and so much has happenenenenenned.

I perfected my circus dress design, which now includes a back zipper, contouring at the waist and hips and a lovely facing.  It’s available on Etsy and without a belt for $225.

Black Circus Dress by Desira Pesta

Black Circus Dress by Desira Pesta

Yesterday I took the day off and did some self-indulging.  I hit up Century21, a discount department store right across from the site of the World Trade towers in lower Manhattan.  It’s really nice that people have still been regularly visiting the site nearly eight years later.  It’s also full of European and Asian tourists getting an eyeful of the ground where they once stood and the ground will their resurrection will stand.  I move on…

…to the shallow subject of heavily discounted designer clothing, which hold no real importance in the world, yet it is something that drives throngs and throngs of people on a sun-filled, yet hands-in-the-pockets Wednesday morning.  This place is four or five stories and … a madhouse.  The motto of the store is “fashion worth fighting for” and I can’t help but admit that I get a little pugnacious in this place.  The absence of windows and the over-saturation of stuffSTUFFstuff gets to me.  People have no reverence for one another and as your legs are taken out by carts being pushed by scurrying shopalics; and your presence at a clothing rack is not enough to get the next customer’s hands off of yours as they try to beat you to the good stuff; you grow slightly belligerent.  I, thankfully, cruise past all of the garbage and head straight to the EUROPEAN WOMEN’S section, which has been housing a lot of my favorites this winter— Maison Martin Margiela, Ter Et Bantine, Hache, Jean Paul Gaulthier, Thread Society, and Gareth Pugh, which all can be found for as low as $6.  !!!!!!#%$%$^%^$%#$#!

NOW, yesterday, I went a little nuts, as it was my day off and so I filled my cart with everything of interest, if even only to try it on.  I found blindingly incredible post-apocalytic JP Gaulthier brown velvet and leather bottomed pants and had to try them on.  Their retail cost was a mere $1690.00, but at discount, $250.  Now, I do not have that kind of money, but if I did they would have been mine, as they somehow fit me perfectly and were just the right amount of cosmopolitan indie debutante one needs in the city.  I usually dress in vintage old man clothes, but love finding a nice assortment of SELECT pieces that are ridiculous and indicative of my burgeoning means to go to The Four Seasons for lunch once a year.

JP Gaulthier Pants $1690.00

JP Gaulthier Pants $1690.00

There were a pair of tan Margiela pants that looked great on the hanger and were $10, so I ran with them to the dressing room.  I successfully pulled them up to my waist and then they wouldn’t budge.  Doing what I do, I knew there had to be some sort of closure preventing me from pulling further.  I felt around and nothing, so I took them off.  Then I looked at them, and pulled them on again, resolute to find the closure, a ha! a zipper!  They pulled up nicely, but had this weird overlapping waistband zipper, side zip thingsa-ma-bob and upon viewing them in the mirror, I noticed they were designed to look like one has underwear over their pants.  Well, they did on me, as they were a tad too small.  In the end, I left with two pairs of saxy Givenchy tights.  One pair being fishnets for $5.96 and the other were a dark wine heavyweight lacey pair for $9.97.

JP Gaulthier Sweater $950

JP Gaulthier Sweater $950

I also got this weirdo JP Gaulthier red cape thing for $50 and it retails at $950. HAHAHA part of me is sick over the fact that they have gall to charge more than $100 for something so simple.  Sorry for my shitty res. Blackberry photos. Those pants also gave me a terrific camel toe.  Horrible.

I also got a Wonderbra for $7! Boobylicious.  I left Century21.

Terra Plana Sustainable Heels

Terra Plana Sustainable Heels

I walked onward and up to NOLITA, I glanced in some store windows and stopped at a boutique that has some wild shoes in the window.  I went in and the unabrasive, yet pushy salesgirls were telling the other customers that all shoes in the middle of the store were $50.  These were nice leather, rubber soled, pumps, which a bit of an edge, which I like.  I went around and saw these blue numbers and stared.  This pic doesn’t do them justice, but they are so so cool.  I chatted up up the salesgirls and they told me that the shoes in this store are all made from recycled materials–rubber, leather, vegan leather, and quilt!  The blue fabric in the shoes above is an old quilt!  I wanted them so bad.  I  tried them on and they were comfy!  In recent years I have become somewhat shoe obsessed, and well-made shoes at that.  I do not and hope others do not buy shitty foot-ruining crap.  They do and I have, yet investing in your shoes, and thus, your feet is one of the best things you can do.  Shoe cobblers are not expensive and once you invest in some nice things, you have them for life  So, I own a lot of moderately expensive (always under $300) shoes because I will have them for life.  I have a wild pair of handmade and completely one-of-a-kind brown leather boots with screenprinting on them.  I bought them in Italy from the shoemaker himself, who is an Italian legend and a man of the swinging sixties.  Those puppies were $250, which is not that much knowing how time-consuming, and costly producing your own work is.  I also am a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell, who makes a line in Spain, as opposed to his other in China.  The Spanish shoes have a leather sole and are much more durable, and thus expensive.  I own five pairs of Jeffrey Campbell leather shoes.  Now, I feel like a real spoiled moronic princess, yet having grown up with pretty crappo shoes and going to Payless and having tons of blisters, and now being in charge of my own income, I find it important to buy nice quality things.  My little sister, Eva, recently called me saying she’s so sick of having to wear $10 shoes that hurt her feet and need to be thrown away every six months.  I was like, honey, you have to invest.  Then again, she’s a poor poor POOR college student.  So, yesterday, I bought her a pair of black heels from Terra Plana.  That’s her graduation present from college in May!

Anyway, I bought three pairs of shoes here for far less than their retail and what I consider them to be worth.  I window-shopped and went in a few more stores, including a designer boutique in SOHO and the treatment I’m used to getting in these places– THE COLD SNOOTY SHOULDER– was replaced with warm friendly smiles, as the bitchdom of our rich country of yesteryear, has been replaced by sweetpuppydogdom of today’s recession.  Like seriously, everyone was so nice to me.  Maybe they thought I was Lindsay Lohan.

Desira, who looks nothing like her.

Desira, who looks nothing like her.

Alright, it was a nice day off and I spent too much money on shoes I will be using for my Spring09 photoshoots, yet I digress.


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