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I have quoted myself below regarding what question I was asked about what I would like to see in the world (regarding business).  I don’t capitalize and punctuate correctly when I get to writing heatedly or passionately, so I apologize if you’re a a a voracious grammarina or polyglot.

cotton , organically

cotton , organically

“The chance of there being egalitarianism in any day and age in the future is seemingly nil. i think the things we have been discussing since day one about local economic sovereignty and succession from a corporate-driven world can be universally possible, yet on a crazily uneven scale.

E.G. in businesses in countries such as those on KIVA.ORG, a loan for entrepreneurs can mean a few hundred dollars.  this small amount of money therefore generates enough aid for this individual or business to do their thang and they pay it back.  it’s small scale and it works.  in amurrica, we “need”/NEED and are given grandiose numbers because of the scale americans need to work on to actually “make it”.

e.g. in order to create a handmade clothing business here in NYC, USA, desira pesta would need enough capital (say 30,000) to finance a studio, equipment, to pay factory for making small run garments, to finance advertising/marketing/web, to buy materials (duh), to keep the lights on and the electricity to find stores to sell in and other things i am missing……….  this is an insane amount of need.

okay, what i am getting at is that globally, business is painstakingly different.  i wish in my humble feeble mind i could envision a world where business can operate on a more hand to mouth scale.  where an enormous amount of outside funding will not mean yes or no to a business’ existence.  it’s invariably difficult for me to think of a way that the world can operate on as local and unimpending a scale as in the Phillipines where Genkey Mercado needs the equivalent of a NYC lunch to aid her fishing biz. 

i’m having a hard time synopsizing this.  alright. it would KICK ASS for there to be a local economies that exist without the indulgence and gluttony of the western world’s use and rape of them.



i want to use fabrics that came from someone down the street.  i want to eat grass-fed steaks from a mile away.  i want us to really suffer some more in this economic crisis and come out of it a lot greener and a lot leaner (our insane need to chew and clothe and forage for things that are not necessary for life would be nice to rid ourselves of).

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste



we have a lot of metal and cloth and rubber and plastic lying around from years past and it’s really not going to be used.  i wish we could get to a point where we solely used the things in existence.  recycling is awesome but it’s done on a 20/80 scale.  upcycling is awesome.  i wish it could be applied to every genre of manufacture. the huge thriving of organic today is spectacular, but it isn’t enough.  it’s still new production and new waste. cotton is also quite pillaging to the environment, as other crops are.  i wish we could turn that parking lot full of FEMA trailors on Louisiana Highway 90 into gorgeous tabletops and silverware.



I wish we could take all of the thrift store cloth and melt it down into a new fabric (don’t think i think that is possible).  anyway, there’s a lot of stuff.  i want us to use it.

these last few adjectives would sum up some of what i want for the world:

QUALITY (food, house, life, clothing, goods, et al)

There’s so much more I want to write…

Here is a list of some of the things/people that have enriched and altered my life for the better in my twenty-six years on this soil:



my college professor during my freshman year who taught the most profound, cumulative social/anthro/geograhically diverse curriculum of my life and propelled a lot of my political thought into action and practice.


desira in italy

desira in italy


WWOOF is a world wide network – It started in the UK in 1971 and has since become an international movement that is helping people share more sustainable ways of living.

WWOOF is an exchange – In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.


Rob Kalin

Rob Kalin

rob kalin


enabled a handmade living worldwide…. and has been a mentor an integral part of my business/life since.


WORKING since I was 14

I started working at 14 and I have held over 2o jobs.  I thank my parents’ insistence on my working at a young age to discipline, a stellar work ethic, a widespread understanding of various businesses, and interpersonal skills… to name a few.  Seriously now.  I know a lot of friends who were seemingly disabled once they left college and had to get a job.  I have never had a problem and owe this to Ma & Pa Pesta.


2 thoughts on “A World….

  1. I agree with what you say. I love the group who funds small business in 3rd world countrys but why not here? Although with places like Etsy we can in our homes start up for little or no cash. But we need to be able to actually make a living for this to work. We also make a difference if besides buying local we buy Fair trade products.I do buy organic but I take it a step farther,I buy from a CSA-comunity supported agriculture. The benifit? Wonderful food with friends growing it. Local farms that make a living.No pestisides in my food,or my comunity. We who think alike must join forses to make it happen. Thank you Sue

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