My good friend, Rob Daurio, who designed the print I used in my Winter 08 Architecture Dress & Architecture Skirt

architecture dress

desira pesta's .:.architecture dress.:.

has had another  i addition to garnering a job at Rem Koolhaas’s office in the Netherlands last year.  He was chosen by the Koolhaas firm to design flooring, which would be used for the Prada Spring 08 fashion show.  This flooring was also used by Prada designers as a print on some of the dresses and bottom in the collection.  Rob’s print is now on sale via Prada dresses worldwide, including my local Prada on Broadway in Manhattan.  I’m enormously proud of my young, decorated friend and wish he could be recognized for his work.  Alas, designers never get the attention and recognition the deserve.  I have always expected great things from this lad and can’t wait til he joins me back in NYC in a month when we can recontinue our band and collaborate on more wearable projects.  Props Rob!

desira pesta's .:.architecture skirt.:. now on sale on

desira pesta's .:.architecture skirt.:. now on sale on

Rob & I

Rob & I

prada by Rob


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