This past weekend was ‘DA BOMB’.  On Friday night, there was an art opening and the launch of my friends, These Are Powers’ latest record, All Aboard Future, which I had listened to 7986 times prior to the event.  They asked thirteen artists from around the globe to create a piece in response to the theme of :

It is our wish to use our power as artists and people to turn personal and collective dreams
into active guidelines of transformative visions.

We wish to transcend the collapse of old systems with art and believe the emotion of hope is critical
in the creation of sustainable new communities.

All Aboard Future is also a full-length audio recording to be
released world-wide on the Dead Oceans/Secretly Canadian label February 17, 2009.

13 artists from New York, Chicago and Beijing were chosen by the band to interpret the concept for All Aboard Future—the possibility, potential and rising of a positive and dynamic New Age.

These artists had the option of listening to the album or to interpret the album title independent of the music, creating a collaboration between These Are Powers and a collective expression of the future.
IT WAS A BLAST.  The space was packed to the core, everyone was attracted and smart and the music made me dance so hard I got vertigo and I couldn’t stop smiling.  I love these guys.
Here is a photographic trip through the evening:

_mg_6323My contribution to the show.  I went crazy in preparation.  I was so nervous and wanted it to be my very best!

desira pesta

desira pesta



Mike Mike Mike RoPhone

Mike Mike Mike RoPhone

the next day valentine making party

the next day valentine making party

Stay tuned for coverage of the THESE ARE POWERS event on spin and rolling stone, et al. soon.


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