It’s February! and I’ve been 26 for two months!

I am in need of some extra cash, so I set up the Craigslist posting I told myself I would set up if I needed to make some extra dough….

I used to be a personal chef and loved it and so I am offering my organic/gluten free/vegetarian/vegan chef expertise to the NYC public….


I love food.  I love cooking.  I love entertaining and do it often.  Last night I spent three hours making a curry and thereafter banana bread (gluten free)

In other news, I’m looking into possibly leaving NYC for a little while.  The following are my choices for new cities thus far…



Louisville, KY


Milwaukee, WI


Chicago, IL


Oxford, MI


Nashville, TN


Washington state


any help would be appreciated.  I need city with culture, art, no bigotry, ability to ride bikes, low cost rent, smiles, and hugs. For some reason I am greatly drawn to the South, although a lot of what makes me, me, contradicts that pairing.  Waht-ever.  I’m excited to see what happens in the coming months. My life’s always changing and I never seem to stay in one place for longer than six months.  As I was writing my rent check for an atrocious amount of money two days ago, I damn well near had a panic attack knowing I could also be writing a check for the same amount of money for the vintage car I’ve always wanted.  That same amount would also cover a month’s mortgage payment in a smaller town for a house I could call my own in 20 years.  It makes me ill seeing my hard earned dollars swimming through the air away from me forever and having nothing to show for it.  Something my parents have taught me is to always having savings.  This city disallows someone who does what I do and lives where I live to have any more than a few grand.  If something were to happen, if things were to shift, that’s it.  Bank acount gone.  I don’t have health insurance.  Most of my friends and peers don’t have health insurance.  My roommate is still paying off the $2400 hospital bill she incurred after getting three stitches.  What the fuck is one to do?

I keep waking up in the middle of the night freaking out about my life.  I don’t know where to go.  I need a sign or something.

Waaa New York is sad in the winter.



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