smile smile baby

In the past week I have gotten two different emails from two different females via Etsy regarding the absence of smiling in photos of items I am selling.  The first was regarding all of the pictures of myself on my site.  The second involved my friend, Amelia, who pursed her lips for the shot I used.


I hate smiling in photos because it looks so forced and disingenuous for me.  It does, so I don’t.  It doesn’t mean I’m not happy or jubilant in my life and work, it means I am not forcing a stupid smile for the camera’s timer, which takes a full ten seconds to fire the shot.  I could hold a smile for the 60 or so seconds it takes to get some good pictures in.  This would therefore create a tired, fixated, stupid SUPER DISINGENUOUS SMILE.  I don’t know why I’m reacting with so much gusto to this.  It’s just that two people have taken the time to write and send emails to me about two of the 84 items I have for sale, many of which involve non-stoicism.

I will try this smiling stuff.  If I started selling dozens of items more a week…..


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