Kenny G just came on my internet music player

I had not blogged for close to three months straight and it is killing me.  I write in my gurnal a lot, random thoughts, to-do lists, goals, drawings et al, yet I like having the permanence of a blog (the journal I used all through my travels in Italy and Europe had some bad water damage)

Anyway, I read a great article about Caroline Kennedy in the New Yorker this morning, as well as found myself cursing the wet sloppy muck that had the guise of a beautiful snowfall I spent some time in. The Kennedys were people I grew up hearing shit about via a father who disliked them greatly for reasons I don’t know.  I therefore carried this quizzically disinterested take on their lives and doings, despite my truancy from most of my father’s strong political, social, economic, and anthropological stances.  I am finding myself growing more and more aware of the things I had doubts about because of a fostering of those doubts.  I am glad for this, but also sad, as I hate being swayed by others.

Aside from misanthropy, he did a tremendous job.  I don’t mean to sound like he didn’t. Vagueness continues… Caroline Kennedy’s article relayed how privately she has spent her days on this earth, yet with an unabashed ownership of the celebrity she is, using it to seek out the things she found important and needy of her presence.  (i.e. Obama’s campaign and her spoken support, and NYC school resurrection)  I respected and admired the way she was described in this article, stepping forward and seeking limelight not for personal use, instead the use of herself and her Kennedyness to get a cause noticed.  That’s a beautiful type of celebrity.

Obama’s in.  She helped.  Che sera sera.  (there’s no piano in the song)

I don’t understand how to post pictures on here…i don’t think it worked oh well.

I am debating whether or not I am going to move to the woods.  Perhaps a pros and cons list will help….


cheaper than NYC

quiet and contemplative

enabling of getting the flocks of dogs I want so badly

i can fill my space with antiques and take on many projects

i can work on writing and art without having to work work work to make money only

would need to have a car and can thus go on roadtrips




not NYC

nothing to do but be me

expensive to get there

dial-up internet

not access to fabric stores and bars and fun

no mate to keep me company

fuck.  don’t know.  cons protrude.oh my gawd the photo worked!

I have been cooking and binge eating this whole week.  I love cooking and I do not love binge eating, yet Winter has forced these two things to join hands in holy matrimony.

i listened to that Kenny G song the entire way through


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